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Consumer Select Online, LLC

Ecommerce Product manager

A Partnership With Results

Get close to your audience. In order to increase the number of visitors to the marketplace, we use a strategic  5 step product onboarding process.  We’re not in the business of introducing a “me too” product to an already saturated market. You’re not interested in that. You want to be a trendsetter, and we’re in the business of taking you there. 

ecommerce product mananger

Packages & Services

Product Management

How much does the Product Management cost? Product Listing creation & optimization doesn’t cost you a dime. We only require an authorized seller agreement to sell on Amazon. We eliminate other reseller’s bad practices that ultimately damage product value. .

Brand Management

How much does Ecommerce Business Management cost? Brand Management agreements are based on several factors and is quoted on a case by case bases. Contact us below to get started.

How do we get started?

Just contact us using the form below. Someone will respond within 24 hours. .

ecommerce product manager

Amazon Experts

With over 6 years of experience in the Amazon marketplace, we have what it takes to bring success to any quality product & brand.

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Building long lasting relationships

Amazon product specialist

Whether you have 1 product or 1000 products we’ll help evaluate the best inventory solution for your products. 

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When will I see results?

Results are dependent on many different factors. But we generally start seeing sales within the first 2 weeks after a product goes live.

Do I retain full rights to my product(s)/brand?

Absolutely. We only ask to be the exclusive seller on Amazon but you retain all the rights to your product and brand.

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Product Management

Because we put high quality time and effort into building out products, we need exclusivity.

Brand Management

So you don't want the hassles with the administration of running a Seller Central account? No problem, we can do that for you.

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We're interested in partnering with select manufacturers and wholesalers. Email us and let's work together.

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